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Why I record nursery song face to face instead of sending out links with cartoon video

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Hi, feel free to leave comments under my YouTube video. Or contact me through different communication channel. I am happy to hear from you. Let me know what do you want to learn or any ideas of creating a target language resourceful environment for your children.

As a mother of a two year old I find some Youtube videos are too addictive and far too stimulating. I only need to let my daughter watch 10 minutes of watching cartoons and she keep nagging me to watch again during the day.

This alarming behaviour has made me think seriously about screen time. I first looked up how much children can understand/learn languages backup by academic research (Please see Dr Patricia K.Kuhl).

Then I decided instead that of letting my daughter watch screens all day to learn the sounds of a language I need to learn the song and sing it to her.  Therefore I am recording nursery songs in three languages hoping to encourage parents to sing with their children.

Also to raise a bilingual or multilingual child you need to persistently provide target language materials and resources.

Therefore please keep in touch with us for more Chinese learning materials.

Reference: Patricia Kuhl – The linguistic genius of babies

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Thanks for watching my Chinese nursery channel.

I am a native Chinese trying to raise my child in UK with multilingual ability.

After looking around I find online video is the most easy and effective way to create resourceful target language environment.

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