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About 关于书语堂

Mandarin seed website currently is managed by a busy Mummy with a 2 year old.

Currently based in Beckton, London, UK. Since 30th Jan 2019 we are providing free Mandarin/Cantonese/English singalong; story time in Beckton Globe Library.

I am one of the volunteer Vicky. I am fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Grow up in China, started teaching in Australia. Now living and working in London, UK.

There are 4 other Mummy volenteers with their lovely child supporting this program.

书语堂的管理员是我 – 一个带着2岁儿童的全职妈妈。

我现在住在英国伦敦。如果你也刚巧住在伦敦,欢迎你每星期三早上11:30来到 Beckton Globe 图书馆和我们一起唱中文儿歌。我们有4-5个来自中国各地的全职妈妈常驻图书馆唱歌。

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